Let´s Communicate!” –project organizes a seminar in Oslo on 27 April 2017. The focus lies especially in creating growth and jobs in the fields of culture, cultural heritage and creative industries.

The topic of the seminar is “Increased prosperity through culture”. This narrows down to two main objectives. First to look at the relationships between different types of organizations, networks and platforms and also the financial programs in the Baltic Sea region and the EUSBSR. The second main objective is to inform and discuss Norwegian actors possibilities for more active engagement and participation in the arenas and in concrete project activities in the Baltic Sea region.

The seminar is moderated by the Norwegian partner for “Let´s Communicate! project, Eastern Norway County Network. The program consists of three presentations of the relevant base information and then of three parallel session digging deeper in to the three focal points culture, cultural heritage and creative industries.

Most of the programme and discussion will be in Norwegian.

See the event programme below and register to the event here.

More information: Ann Irene Sæternes, Eastern Norway County Network (ann-irene.saeternes(a)oppland.org)