2017 Berlin

Short address by novelist Janne Teller 'Am I a European?'

Connectivity Lounge 
June 13, at 15:15

Based on European shared cultural heritage as well as her own culturally mixed background, Janne Teller explores what it means to identify as a European in today's at once global and nationalistic world; and looks at how we can open the concept of Europeanness also to our continent's newcomers."

Cruise Shipping and Emission Control in the BSR

Connectivity Lounge                                                                                                                                             June 13, at 16:45
Organised by NABU

Luxurious cruise ships make dreams come true. But there is a price to pay: The big cruise ships are like swimming towns, consuming energy and producing air pollution - Particulate matter, soot, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides - threatening biodiversity, health and climate. What can be done to reduce emissions? Discuss with Mr. Rieger, a well-renowned German natural protection and transport expert!

Harnessing the digital revolution!

Connectivity Lounge
June 14, at 10:30
Organised by EMMA

The session will demonstrate the opportunities of new technologies in environmental protection and knowledge creation by presenting several concrete examples making use of mobile devices, cloud services and social networks. The audience is welcome to test the applications!
What is the impact of our consumption habits on the Baltic Sea and how can new digital technologies benefit the environment? Seppo Knuuttila presents the Nutrient Footprint Calculator – an internet-based tool that helps identifying the most important sources of pollution arising from consumption, and the easiest ways to reduce it. The participants can also calculate their personal nutrient footprints. Miina Mäki invites the audience to play Splash - Baltic Sea Eutrophication Game that illustrates the effect of consumer choices on the Baltic Sea and shows how game design elements can contribute towards communicating an environmental issue. On the Nutribute platform, social technologies are harnessed to crowdfund environmental projects. The audience can cast their votes for the best project on the platform.

Pharmaceuticals Report

Connectivity Lounge
June 14, at 12:15
Organised by HELCOM

Hear the latest news about a report produced by HELCOM, UNESCO and PA Hazards. It will be the basis for a regional cooperation platform to develop regional policy on reducing emissions of pharmaceuticals to the Baltic Sea.

Creative Climate Leadership - short film and Q&A

Connectivity Lounge 
June 14, at 13:15
Organised by PA Culture

What is Creative Climate Leadership?
Creative Climate Leadership is a new programme for artists and cultural professionals to explore the cultural dimensions of climate change, and take action with impact, creativity and resilience. Creative Climate Leadership supports cultural professionals to apply these qualities to the climate challenge. The programme is tailored for participants to reach their full potential and maximise action on climate change within the creative and cultural sector, with help and support to test and scale ideas through sharing best practice and discussion across countries and cultures.

Link: www.creativeclimateleadership.com

Electrification of transport vehicles

Connectivity Lounge
June 14, at 13:30
Organised by SCANIA
How can road transport systems  continue to be developed in the future, and could an electric road for heavy vehicular traffic be the best alternative? Find out!

Get funded! 
Working together for greater results and impact!

Connectivity Lounge
June 14, at 14:15-15:15
Organised by Let's communicate! project

Seven funding programmes and organisations present briefly their upcoming funding opportunities and discuss how they are interlinked with the EUSBSR and each other.

The session is aiming at providing brief information on upcoming funding opportunities, discuss how various programmes and organisations are contributing to the EUSBSR and how are they working together.

Join us in the Connectivity Lounge!