2017 Berlin

 Historical Identity in the Baltic Sea Region – Hansa to 19th century

Time:               14 June 2017, 13.45 – 15.15
Venue:              Lesehof / Library


The national historical traditions in the Baltic Sea Region are in many aspects connected. The 20th century has divided the region, but close ties remain. The seminar will look into continuities and prospects of shared history. In a panel open to the audience, participants will discuss how notions of the past form the common ground for future understanding.


  • Michael North (Professor for Early Modern History, Greifswald University, speaker of the interdisciplinary international research group “Baltic Borderlands”, Author of: The Baltic. A History)


  • Krista Kampus (CBSS representative, tbc)
  • Sonja Mandt (Member of the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference, tbc)
  • A representative of the Baltic Sea History Project (ideally from the Baltic states, tbc)
  • One seat for the audience (participant changes every ten minutes)

Organiser(s) & contact details:

  • Federal Foreign Office
    David Matzek-Lichtenstein, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; +49 30 1817 6009


The presentation and following panel discussion will demonstrate the cultural and economic connectedness of the various regions surrounding the Baltic Sea throughout history. The notion of a single regional identity will be challenged, highlighting that there are several intersecting identities with much in common.

Indicative planning:
60 minutes presentation by Michael North
30 minutes discussion with the audience