2017 Berlin

Regional cooperation to connect regions to the TEN-T corridors

Time:        14th June, 13.45 – 15.15    
Venue:      Besucherzentrum 1 + 2


The seminar will point out the benefits of the TEN-T CNC implementation in the BSR in terms of connectivity by following three key themes:
-    Urban nodes: interfaces of the CNC and engines for regional growth and innovation
-    Inclusive approach to the CNC dialogue, including the access to the peripheral and remote areas
-    Spatial vision on corridor development as a unifying element of stakeholder cooperation

Speakers / panelists:

  • Thomas Erlandson (Coordinator EUSBSR Policy Area Transport, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation Sweden)
  • Wiktor Szydarowski (Project Manager, Region Blekinge, Lead Partner TENTacle)
  • Malla Paajanen (Chief Adviser, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, Lead Partner NSB CoRe)
  • Tālis Linkaits (Head of Secretariat, VASAB, HAL Spatial Planning)
  • Horst Sauer (Head of Unit, Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg, Lead Partner Scandria2Act)


  • Silke Brocks (European Commission)

Organiser(s) & contact details:

The event will be organized by the coordinator of the policy area transport of the EUSBSR, Thomas Erlandson, in close cooperation with the three transport flagships projects TENTacle, NSB Core, Scandria®2Act. The seminar will be supported by VASAB, horizontal action coordinator for spatial planning.

  • Lead organiser: Thomas Erlandson, Coordinator EUSBSR Policy Area Transport
     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +46 8 405 86 74
  • Supported by: Ulrike Schütz, Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin Brandenburg
     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +49 331 866 8724


The seminar relates mainly to PA Transport and Horizontal Actions Spatial Planning and Capacity. Nevertheless, better transport is not a goal in itself but contributes to very many policy areas of the EUSBSR. Therefore, it fits with the set motto connectivity as the transport infrastructure is generally agreed to form a backbone of regional growth. Also, it helps connect various political levels and sector stakeholders (through the multi-level governance approach), for the purpose of sustainable regional development.

The seminar is a follow-up of the consortium’s workshop during the EUSBSR Strategy Forum in Stockholm, held in November 2016. Based on this experience, they will further develop their ideas and cooperation and intensify the dialogue with the EUSBSR stakeholders present. The seminar will come up with fresh results derived from the project analysis and stakeholder interaction processes: on, in proximity and farther away from the TEN-T core network corridors.

The planned structure:
At first the state of play with the implementation of EUSBSR PA Transport and the three flagship projects will be presented briefly. Afterwards, the seminar will arrange round table discussion with the participants revolving around key project findings on the aforementioned three themes. The interactive dialogue with the audience is expected to help validate the evidence-based observations and develop recommendations for the further project work. The session results will be wrapped up, followed by information on the next steps in the project cooperation.

Download this file (Seminar_ TEN-T corridors.docx)Summary_TEN-T corridors 54 kB