EUSBSR History

Horizontal Action (HA) ‘Capacity’ supports capacity building and involvement of the EUSBSR key stakeholders.

A key factor of success for the EUSBSR is the integrated and coordinated governance of the Baltic Sea region, between sectors of society, as well as between regional and local authorities, business, academia, civil society organisations and other stakeholders in the respective countries. HA Capacity aimed at offering capacity building support for the implementing stakeholders, using multilevel governance as an overall guiding principle. This included involving and utilizing networks across sectors in the Baltic Sea region and ensuring that all levels will be mobilised to the full extent.

HA Capacity was coordinated by Baltic Sea NGO Network, Union of the Baltic Cities and Swedish Institute.



  • Capacity building support for implementing stakeholders.
  • Increase the involvement of local and regional authorities as well as the involvement of civil society organisations in to the implementation of the Strategy.



  1. Developing and operating a capacity building platform for the implementing stakeholders
  2. Involving and utilizing networks across sectors in the Baltic Sea region, supporting involvement of local- and regional authorities, NGOs, business and academia