Policy Area (PA) ‘Culture’ focused on culture and creative sectors and industries in the Baltic Sea region.

The Baltic Sea region has an outstandingly diverse and attractive cultural life and a cultural heritage of great value. Bringing together the different cultural expressions and competences of the region would increase the economic and cultural prosperity, as well as the attractiveness of the region. The innovatory force of culture and creativity could also strengthen the Baltic Sea region as a creative and innovative region ready to address the challenges of the 21st century.

PA Culture was coordinated by Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and Poland.





  1. Promoting the Baltic Sea region cultural and creative industries, encouraging creative entrepreneurship
  2. Promoting and presenting Baltic Sea region culture, using the innovative force of culture for societal development
  3. Preserving and presenting the Baltic Sea region cultural heritage, strengthening the cultural identity of the region
  4. Developing an efficient framework for Baltic Sea region cultural cooperation