Policy Area (PA) ‘Education’ focused on education, research and employability including all educational levels, and employability signifying transition from education to the labour market.

The labour market of the Baltic Sea region had fallen out of balance, with high youth unemployment, an ageing population, and a shortage of skilled workforce within many industries. To address the gap between the education systems and the labour markets, promotion of lifelong learning and more effective coordination of research and education policies would be required. In addition to this, closer cooperation between institutions would pave the way for a common region for education and research.

PA Education was coordinated by Hamburg (Germany) and Norden Association (in Sweden).





  1. Combatting early school leaving and improving transition from education to labour market
  2. Improving quality of education and vocational training through work-based learning and fostering entrepreneurial mind-sets
  3. International excellence in tertiary education, science and research
  4. A labour market for all, using resources of longer lives
  5. Recognising potential – easing the way for newly arrived refugees (action added to the Action Plan in 2017)