EUSBSR History

Policy Area (PA) ‘Energy’ focused on ensuring competitive, secure and sustainable energy in the Baltic Sea region.

Regional cooperation in the energy sector was conducted within the framework of the The Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan (BEMIP), whose actions were to be implemented mainly in the areas of energy infrastructure, gas and electricity markets, power generation, security of energy supply, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Reagarding electricity and gas markets the focus was on achieving an open, competitive and fully integrated regional energy market in the Baltic Sea region.

PA Energy was coordinated by BEMIP, Latvia and Lithuania.



  • Better interconnected electricity market.
  • Baltic States integrated to the EU internal electricity market.
  • Interconnected gas grid.
  • Fuel switching in heating/ Increased use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in heating.
  • Promotion of the development of sustainable energy.
  • Level playingfield for market participants.
  • Promotion of energy efficiency (EE).



The actions were divided into energy priority areas:

  1. Electricity and gas market – an open, competitive and fully integrated regional energy market in the Baltic Sea region in both the electricity and gas sectors
  2. Security of supply - energy security measures in the Baltic Sea region and to enhance regional cooperation on risk assessment
  3. Energy infrastructure - electricity, gas and oil infrastructure to achieve the objectives of the Union’s energy policy
  4. Nuclear energy - nuclear safety, nuclear safeguard and nuclear security
  5. Renewable energy - to achieve the binding, national, overall renewable energy targets
  6. Energy efficiency - to increase energy efficiency at all stages of the energy chain from generation to final consumption