EUSBSR History

Policy Area (PA) ‘Innovation’ aimed at promoting global competitiveness and growth of the Baltic Sea region through support for entrepreneurship, business development, science and increased innovation capacity.

The greatest added value for policy area ‘Innovation’ was to be achieved by giving priority to challenges where there was potential for the Baltic Sea region to become stronger in a global context. Possibilities for smart specialisation and sustainable growth were also to be explored in many sectors. Exploiting the possibilities of the digital economy and innovation fully, as well as ensuring equal access to the digital markets, was seen as essential for enhancing the business environment of the region. To draw the full benefits from the region's innovation potential, a more coherent approach based on cooperation and trust would also be required.

PA Innovation was coordinated by Poland, Estonia and Nordic Council of Ministers.



  1. Improved global competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region:

a) increased innovation capacity/performance
b) a global competitive position in research and innovation and on global markets has been achieved, by Baltic Sea region actors in cooperation, within a number of areas with an expected high market volume
c) EUSBSR contributing to the implementation of Europe 2020, especially smart specialisation and smart, inclusive and sustainable growth through long term transnational cooperation on research and innovation within Baltic Sea region, focusing areas with large future market potentials, including marine resources

  1. Enhancing the Digital Single Market: Interoperability of cross-border eservices within the Baltic Sea region
  2. Creation of preconditions for Nordic Digital Infrastructure Innovation Institute



  1. Contributing in building an ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship by 2020 in the Baltic Sea region, based on smart specialisation and sustainable growth for increased competitiveness