EUSBSR History

The objective of Policy Area (PA) Safe was for the Baltic Sea region to become a leading region for maritime safety and security.

The already high level of vessel traffic and its expected future growth enhanced the need for reducing the risk of maritime accidents and marine pollution, including hazardous spills. Well-functioning search and rescue services and oil spill response capacity would be essential to save human lives and reduce marine pollution. A potential was recognized for better safety and more efficient use of the resources by cooperation in such fields as coordinated surveillance, adoption of agreed standards and terminology, joint training or even capacity sharing.

PA Safe was coordinated by Denmark and Finland.



  • Becoming a leading region in maritime safety and security
  • Reduction in the number of maritime accidents



  1. Develop co-operation in maritime surveillance and information exchange
  2. Ensuring safe navigable fairways by improving resurveying of shipping routes
  3. Improve safety of navigation by means of e-Navigation and new technology
  4. Winter navigation
  5. Enhancing the safety of transportation of oil, hazardous and noxious substances
  6. Ensure that crews serving onboard vessels are well trained
  7. Develop preparedness for emergency situations