Unlocking the nutrient recycling potential in the Baltic Sea Region

  • 30/09/2020 00:00

In the framework of the EUSBSR Annual Forum, BSR WATER platform, together with the platform SuMaNu, co-organizes an online workshop "Unlocking the nutrient recycling potential in the Baltic Sea Region" on 30 September 2020, 13.00–15.30 CET (14.00–16.30 EET). This workshop will discuss the state-of-the-art in nutrient recycling within and across the two sectors, agriculture and municipal wastewater management, raise a set of priority issues to address and outline recommendations to stakeholders as input to the update of the post-2020 EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

The workshop welcomes for participation authorities, practitioners, researchers, innovators – everyone with an idea, challenge, responsibility or a question regarding nutrient recycling or products made with recycled nutrients and interest to develop and accelerate solutions on the international level.

Save the date! Agenda and registration for the workshop will be published one month before the event.