ESPON Peer Learning Workshop: Climate change adaptation strategies in the Baltic Sea Region

  • 05/05/2022 09:00 - 12:35

The workshop will focus on the adaptation policies and measures dealing with the impact of climate change in the context of the Baltic Sea. It will be developed with macro-region stakeholders and ESPON related researchers to discuss strategies to face climate change, starting from the results of the ESPON project (BT2050 -Territorial Scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region) and tool (Baltic Sea Monitoring tool).

The general idea of the workshop is to connect ESPON results and knowledge with national, regional and local stakeholder and scientist expertise in the light of the climate change challenges and opportunities.  The reflection will be oriented to the ways of mainstreaming Climate change in sector policies as well as to the new VASAB Vision 2040 which will be adopted this year.

More information and agenda can be found in pre-event briefing paper.

Registration for the event is HERE.