If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is video worth? 

In communicating the EUSBSR visual material comes in handy. Visual communications is the most effective way of passing information because the human mind processes things in images. The majority of people respond quickly to visual images instead of texts. With photos or videos it is much easier to illustrate the work we do for a better Baltic Sea region!


EUSBSR photo stock in Flickr is at disposal of all EUSBSR stakeholders. There is an extensive collection of photos from all Annual Fora, about Flagships (see below photos from DiveSmart!) as well as some more general photos for illustration. When using the photos, remember to mention the photographer!

You may also submit your project's or event's photos to Flickr by contacting the EUSBSR Communication Point!

Flickr photo stock

The photos of EUSBSR Flagship DiveSMART Baltic can certainly be used for visual storytelling



At EUSBSR YouTube or EUSBSR Flickr you can find short, explanatory videos about the EUSBSR. From Flickr the video files can also be downloaded to your own computer. All videos are available both with and without subtitles.

The longest videos (~3min) presents the whole Strategy framework through its three objectives.

In addition, there are three shorter clips for each objective (Save the Sea, Connect the Region & Increase Prosperity) as well as six even shorter ones illustrating more specific sub-objectives of the EUSBSR. 



 Many EUSBSR PA/HA & Flagships have already used videos to tell their story. Contrary to what many believe, videos can be shot with regular smart phones and edited with easy-to-use mobile/online applications. It doesn't have to look like "professional" to effectively tell a story about the project.

See for example, how the EUSBSR Flagship HAZARD tells a story about their oil leak and mass casualty exercise or how EUSBSR Flagship ECOPRODIGI tells what the project is all about:




EUSBSR Policy Area 'Bioeconomy' has used a video to show diverse applications of bioeconomy, whereas Flagship project platform CSHIPP has created an animation to showcase clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region.  



EUSBSR Horizontal Action 'Spatial Planning' and Policy Area 'Health' have also opted for animations to present their actions in a nutshell.   




There are stocks of photos and videos free from copyrigths that can be used for non-commercial purposes. Search the stocks with keywords (like Baltic Sea or bioeconomy) and find quality photos and videos to illustrate your messages. 

Check Pixabay or StockSnap for photos free of charge and copyrights. Pexels offers both free stock photos and also videos in case you are in need of illustrative video clips. With some budget, you may also try Shutterstock for photos, graphics and videos.

To illustrate communication related to current EU debates and policies, European Parliament Audiovisual Services can be useful.

Wikimedia Commons provides educational audiovisual media contents (image, sound and video).

Remember also livestreaming as a visual storytelling method and as a part of your social media communications. Find more information on livestreaming and on making live videos here.