The Polish chair for the EUSBSR is inviting to a seminar to show and discuss the achievements within the EUSBSR.

 How far have we gone and why do we want to go on?

10 December 2015, Warsaw, Poland

Venue: Ministry of Infrastructure and Development

Wspólna 2/4 Street

This one day seminar (8.30 – 18.00) is looking for best ways of cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region using the potential of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

We will look into and discuss:

-        the concrete examples of what we have already achieved with the EUSBSR and what our ambitions are for the future

-        the best ways of making our achievements work on the policy level

-        how to communicate and show benefits it provides for countries involved and ordinary people in the region  

-        how to enhance support to the EUSBSR by the European Structural and Investment Funds programmes, what are the bottlenecks and what solutions could be found to overcome those

The seminar is meant to bring together the current EUSBSR stakeholders (European Commission, EUSBSR National Coordinators, Policy Area and Horizontal Action Coordinators, Flagship Leaders and cooperating partners, INTERACT, Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme, Focal Points) and potential new players interested to join in as well as European Structural and Investment Funds programme managers.

The final programme is attached to this announcement.


Download this file (Final INVITATION and PROGRAMME EUSBSR Seminar version 1.12.2015.docx)Final INVITATION and PROGRAMME EUSBSR Seminar version 1.12.2015.docx[Invitation and programme Warsaw 10 December 2015]759 kB