The EUSBSR Annual Forum is the place for networking with Baltic Sea region colleagues and like-minded people. This year, networking is supported by a Networking Village and BRELLA networking application.

Networking Village will be created for person-to-person contacts to launch new projects for developing the Baltic Sea region. There will be two options to engage. First, walk in to the Networking area and follow its schedule of presentations. Second, pre-register your meeting request on-line via networking application Brella. With Brella you can easily find other attendees of interest and they can find you.

Follow the steps to activate your Brella account:

Step 1 - Sign in with code After2020

Sign in to the EUSBSR event by clicking

It works on every device and you don’t have to download anything. You can even log in with Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. The event code is After2020.

If mobile apps are more your style, download Brella from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2 – Be the valuable contact!

Answer a few questions about yourself. After this, Brella  recommends connections based on the information you inserted.

Step 3 - View Attendees & Book Meetings

The app will make it easy for everybody to suggest meetings with each other. Once you find a person with whom you would like to meet, click on Suggest Meeting. After clicking you can select a potential time. If the other person accepts your request, you will be given a designated table to meet at in the Networking Village.

The meeting place for on-line booked meetings is a part of the Networking Village. Learn more about preparations of the Networking Village from here.