"Like coffee, narration comes in different flavors"

Laurie Rozakis




We often look for stories further than needed, and feel that it is almost impossible to find stories that tell about the EUSBSR. But, how about seeing the EUSBSR as a story itself? In the end, for most people the Strategy is about cooperation and making the region better together. Thus, the EUSBSR provides you plenty of material to tell your own words how this has or will be achieved.

This section guides you to find material for your stories. Often projects provide concrete examples of the EUSBSR and its implementation, thus, here you can find a collection of sites and databases where projects implementing the EUSBSR can be found. By clicking the image you proceed to the database in question.

EUSBSR activities are also regularly highlighted in the media, and under the "EUSBSR in the media" section you find some stories to be used as an example of the succesful implementation of the EUSBSR.

Remember that it is the way you tell it: you can choose how you narrate the story in a way that serves your purposes the best. By seeing the EUSBSR as a source for your stories you'll notice how something very simple can actually convey in an impactful way the core message of the Strategy.


EUSBSR logo The EUSBSR blog platform features different Policy Areas and Flasghips & other contributing projects with a focus on concrete results. Check regularly www.balticsea-region-strategy.eu/highlights
EUSBSR logo The annex for EUSBSR Action Plan listing all ongoing and completed Flagships provides an extensive overview of the implementation of the Strategy. 

EUSBSR projects can be searched from the Keep database.

Database includes currently around 240 projects with EUSBSR tag.

InterregBSR logo rgb 200mm transparent

Projects implemented in the Baltic Sea Region. There are also more than 20 project stories about EUSBSR Flagships.

Database includes currently around 100 projects (of which 43 tagged as EUSBSR Flagships!)

Interrreg cb

Projects implemented in the Central Baltic area.

Database includes currently aroud 95 projects.

Interreg SB

Projects implemented in the South Baltic area.     

Database includes currently more than 80 projects.

BONUS projects focused on Baltic Sea research.

Database includes currently around 40 projects.
 Interrreg eur  

From Interreg Europe project database results can be filtered with a certain country or region for instance. There are many projects involving partners from BSR countries too.

EuroAccess Macro-Regions is an online information and search tool available in four EU Macro-Regions.

Connecting Europe Facility, especially CEF Transport include many BSR related projects. Database results can be filtered with a certain country, for instance.

Download this file (EUSBSR Flagship success story data base_March2018.xlsx)EUSBSR Flagship success story databaseSome EUSBSR Flagships listed from the point of view of successful communications. Suggest your own!132 kB