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The newsletter of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

New chapter begins in the EUSBSR story

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A new communications project is up and running to maintain and develop the communications of the EUSBSR. The project is called “Let’s communicate!” and it has a strong partnership consisting of representatives from Baltic Sea Region countries and pan-Baltic organisations. "Let's communicate!" is the new communication point of the EUSBSR!

Read more about the project and its objectives in the new blog on the EUSBSR website!

Macroregional Matchmaking in the Strategy Forum

connect 20333 1920The 7th Strategy Forum approaches! It will be held in Stockholm 8-9 November with unprecedented amount of interesting seminars and events. "Let's communicate!" organizes three Macroregional Matchmaking sessions in the Creative Lounge of the Forum.

Feedback from previous EUSBSR Forums suggests that participants wish more networking and meeting new people. Macroregional Matchmaking allows you to “speed network” with many people to find out whether you have a future in cooperation. So, grab your business cards and come to find your EUSBSR-match!

See details of Macroregional Matchmaking on our website

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