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2020 General Assembly of the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission held online

Written by  Lucille Ehrhart, Executive Secretary, CPMR Baltic Sea Commission

The CPMR Baltic Sea Commission held its General Assembly on 21 October, for the first time online. The event brought together representatives from 20 Member Regions to review activities carried out during the last year and to discuss EU policies of relevance for regional authorities.


The General Assembly unanimously adopted a Resolution including key messages to EU institutions to promote a more resilient Baltic Sea Region.

The event started with welcome words from the President of the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission, Mr Jari Nahkanen (Oulu), who emphasised the challenging context for regional authorities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He stressed that intensifying regional cooperation in a spirit of trust was essential to mitigate the negative impacts of the crisis and strengthen the resilience of the Baltic Sea Region. Initially planned to be held in Turku in June, the General Assembly was held online. In a video message, Mr Ilkka Kanerva, Chair of the Managing Board, Southwest Finland, welcomed participants and provided an overview of the situation in Southwest Finland.


Key achievements & messages 

The General Assembly provided an opportunity to highlight the key achievements for the year 2019-2020 for the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission. President Jari Nahkanen presented the BSC Activity Report that was unanimously approved. Each Chair of the Working Group, Mr Bosse Andersson (Stockholm), for the Transport Working Group, Ms Tiina Perho (Southwest Finland) for the Maritime Working Group and Mr Richard Sjölund (Ostrobothnia) for the Energy and Climate Working Group, presented the different activities carried out during the year related to their respective areas of work. Mr Wolf Born (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), leader of the Task Force on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region shared the conclusions of the BSC contribution to the revision process of the Action Plan, which can be found in the Final Report from the Task Force.

The BSC 2020 Resolution, which included key messages to the EU institutions in light of the COVID-19 crisis related to transport, maritime affairs, energy and climate and the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region was unanimously adopted by the General Assembly. Member Regions also discussed the role of regions in the green transition in relation to the EU Green Deal Agenda. A Policy Position from the BSC Energy and Climate Working Group was presented by Ms Kaarin Taipale (Helsinki-Uusimaa), Vice-Chair of the Working Group, and adopted by the General Assembly.


Re-election of President of the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission

The General Assembly also re-elected Mr Jari Nahkanen as President of the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission for a mandate of two years (2020-2022), and Tomas Mörtsell, Second Vice-President of Regional Development Board of Region Västerbotten, as Vice-President. A new Executive Committee was also nominated, which is made up of one full and one alternate member for each Member country. More information about the elections can be read here.

The General Assembly was preceded by an policy webinar organised by the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission about how macro-regional cooperation can foster resilience of the Baltic Sea Region. Moderated by Ms Annika Sandström, (Stockholm Region), guest speakers, including Ms Miapetra Kumpula-Natri Member of the European Parliament, Mr Grzegorz Poznański Director General of the Council of the Baltic Sea States, and Ms Eleni Marianou Secretary General of the CPMR.

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