Ambitious visions, innovations and cooperation are needed in the transport sector to address emerging challenges and reach EU goals. Policy Area Transport share insights about the future direction of transport in the context of EUSBSR.
The prosperity of the Baltic Sea Region is strongly dependent on efficient, affordable and sustainable cross-border connections within the region and beyond. “A high standard of transport is an important factor in contributing to the development of foreign trade and international exchange of services and knowledge,” says PA Transport Coordinator Algirdas Šakalys.
Friday, 18 December 2020

EUSBSR in the eyes of education

This year, all sectors, all spheres of life, face problems of various scales. The education system had to change drastically, adapting distance learning methods, retraining of staff, recruitment procedures, additional trainings, project implementation and, in reality, most of our life moved to the virtual space.
Flagship project CASCADE – Community Safety Action for Supporting Climate Adaptation and Development brings together civil protection specialists and climate change adaptation experts. The flagship status is a recognition for CASCADE’s aims to improve urban resilience in cities and towns in the Baltic Sea Region, as well as the overall macro-regional resilience and CASCADE now operates as a pilot example for cross-sectoral cooperation in the region.
Seed money is funding to help plan and prepare bigger projects, such as EUSBSR Flagships. Get to know one seed money experience by LISA, an initiative to establish a flagship process for the Policy Area Transport, and how they have succeeded to plan activities despite the pandemic.
Technology, architecture, and history unites in a unique app developed by the Cross Motion project. 
As one of the key stakeholders in a broad research collaboration, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute has documented important improvements regarding health and environment, resulting from reduced emissions in the Baltic Sea.
Podcast is a very common name for many audiences but still might raise a question for some. What is this new information channel that has become very popular in recent years? To make it clear, podcast is an audio information produced in episodic thematic series and it covers many topics, interests and discussions.
The Covid-19 pandemic has severe negative effects on many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). In order to reduce the damage as far as possible, the EUSBSR together with the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) has initiated a European support program. The goal is to include the other two remaining strategies, the Adriatic-Ionian and the Alpine. 
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