The pace of population ageing is much faster than in the past. According to World Health Organization statistics, the number of people aged 60 years and older outnumbers children younger than 5 years during 2020. Worth to mention, ageing issues are relevant in all local, national, regional and global levels keeping in mind the level of impact.
Human trafficking happens every day in the Baltic Sea region. It takes place in all countries – across the borders as well as locally. EUSBSR addresses this issue through Policy Area Secure which focuses on, among other things, cross-border crime.
What do you think when you think about the Baltic Sea? Its beautiful landscape and unique archipelago? Pollution and environmental problems? Maybe its coastline is the place you call home?
All EU countries benefit from Cohesion policy. It is also an important element to the development of EU macro-regional strategies as they are put into practice in cross-border projects and strengthen regions through cooperation.
One of the principles of circularity – at least as I see it – is the local or regional dimension, A.M. Haasse writes.
“While writing my Bachelor’s thesis, I really started to think what I want to do when I graduate. It took some time to figure it out but eventually two things stood out clearly: being an entrepreneur and making the world a better place," tells Paavo Vallas, an entrepreneur from Finland.
NutriTrade project was finalized in the beginning of 2019 but the work is far from over! This EUSBSR Flagship serves as a good example of project results sustainability and how work continues even if individual projects come to an end.
Cooperation provides huge possibilities, says Head of People Operations Maarit Lappalainen when she tells why Carinafour is active in EU projects. Currently the company is taking part in ECOPRODIGI that pilots digital solutions to increase eco-efficiency in the maritime sector.
“When implementing digital solutions, one cuts a lot of waste and saves resources. It acts as the most important tool to develop clean shipping”, Milla Harju explains.
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