Let's communicate! project is the communication point of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The project is strongly involved in the programme and communications of the 8th Annual Forum in Berlin on 13-14 June.


Let's communicate! proudly presents:


Get funded! Working together for greater results and impact!
at Connectivity Lounge 
on June 14, at 14:15-15:15

Seven funding programmes and organisations present briefly their upcoming funding opportunities and discuss how they are interlinked with the EUSBSR and each other.

The panelists are:
Camilla Wristel, Swedish Institute
Maija Sirola, BONUS Programme
Maira Mora, Council of the Baltic Sea States
Ronald Lieske, Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme
Jakub Fedorowicz, Interreg South Baltic Programme
Niclas Forsling, Nordic Council of Ministers
Peter Eulenhöfer, Brandenburg Region

The session is aiming at providing brief information on upcoming funding opportunities, discuss how various programmes and organisations are contributing to the EUSBSR and how are they working together.

The session is moderated by Baiba Liepa from INTERACT Programme.

Let's communicate! project is present in the Connectivity Lounge throughout the Annual Forum. Find us there to discuss the EUSBSR, its objectives and communications.

See you in the Connectivity Lounge!


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