Baltic Development Forum's 20th Annual Summit "Time for a BSR 2.0?" was held on June 4 in Tallinn. At the Summit, two new publications by Baltic Development Forum were presented, which served as the basis of the Summit's discussions.

The 20th Annual Summit provided a good opportunity to take a longer-term perspective on the economic development of the Baltic Sea Region, and the results of the analysis can be read in the report "The BSR Economies: Progress and Priorities – A 20-year Perspective" written by Dr. David Skilling. The report was published by Baltic Development Forum with the support of the Nordic Investment Bank.

Another publication was The 2018 Political State of the Region Report “Flexible Europe – what does it mean for the Baltic Sea Region” published by Baltic Development Forum and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. The report discusses the concept of flexibility in today's Europe understood as Europe of different speeds. The concept of flexibility is also extended to cover security and defence. In addition, flexible Europe is analysed from the viewpoint of Russia. 

As the Baltic Development Forum will cease its activities by the 31st of July 2018, this was the last Political State of the Region Report published.