The EUSBSR Flagship Project under Priority Area 14, BRISK which is co-financed by the BSR Programme, made headlines in both leading newspapers and TV news programs in Denmark during the last days (stories in Danish).

At the centre of the debate was the project's finding that Danish catastrophe response capacity, in case of, for instance, oil spills in the Baltic Sea, is seriously lacking and among the worst in the Region. In response, the defense minister Nick Hækkerup has promised that this topic gets top-priority in discussions on the future Danish defense.

There are many stories available. Here are examples of a few:  Politiken, Danish Radio DR/Ritsau, TV2.

Brisk is Flagship project 14.2 focusing on Sub-regional Risk of Spill of Oil and Hazardous Substances in the Baltic Sea. Mapping existing marine pollution response capacities and making sub-regional plans for cross-border response cooperation, based on assessment of the integrated risk of shipping accidents.