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Duration: 2021 - ongoing.

Geographical area: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden.

Summary: The project “The Art of Staying Healthy” aims to develop collaboration between the arts and health sectors and to pilot arts interventions on the health and well-being of people and communities in the Northern Dimension (ND) area.

The project “The Art of Staying Healthy” was inspired by the recent WHO report which highlighted the important role of the arts sector in promoting good health, preventing mental and physical health challenges and supporting the treatment of acute and chronic conditions. It demonstrated that engaging in arts and cultural activities can reduce loneliness and isolation, increase social cohesion, strengthen individual and group identity and help to address social inequalities.

The project shall contribute to further translating evidence on the health benefits of the arts into relevant policy documents, developing integrative policies that engage with different sectors, and promoting promising practices across the sectors within the ND region.

The Open Call for project proposals was launched on 2 June and applications must be submitted by 19 July 2021.


The “Art of Staying Healthy” is a joint project between the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS)Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC), and the EU National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC).

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Roadmap to improve the health and well-being of the ageing population in the Baltic Sea Region.

Geographical area: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

Duration: 2018 - ongoing.

Summary: Increased life expectancy in the Baltic Sea Region is in general a positive trend. However, healthcare and social systems are not well-prepared to provide for an ageing population. The AgeFLAG project and its partners aim to develop a common understanding on which policy interventions are most needed.

AgeFLAG is the flagship under preparation that aims to strengthen multi-sectoral actions for a life-course approach at multiple levels and sectors to prevent disease, promote health, maintain intrinsic capacity and functional ability of individuals to improve healthy ageing and enable well-being in the older age. 

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