Flagships and other projects implementing the EUSBSR provide the most concrete success stories for the EUSBSR. Policy Area / Horizontal Action Coordinators are in a position closest to Flagships and can deliver information TO and FROM them. Regular and mutually beneficial communications between a PAC/HAC and their Flagships is of immense importance for the whole EUSBSR.

PACs and HACs have a key role in managing Flagships which in practice means communications and exchange of information. The most common ways to stay in touch with Flaghips are simply e-mails, Skype and phone calls - the more personal relationship you are able to build, the more likely you get mutual benefit from the communications.

PACs and HACs are encouraged to participate in different events, such as kick-off or steering group meetings, and invite Flagships to contribute to their events.

Although the communications should be regular, the needs can vary at different points. A recently approved Flagship might require more support, and PACs and HACs should keep this in mind. It is a good idea, for example, to revise Flagships' connections to the EUSBSR and what is expected and offered from them.



How to make all this then work in practice? We asked those who have the most experience with the topic, namely a PAC and a HAC to share their thoughts:

"Flagships form the core of achieving concrete results. It has proven very useful to participate in the kick-off meetings to meet all the Flagship partners and to explain what the EUSBSR Flagship status means and how they can utilise it. By communicating regularly both ways the Flagships get more visibility and new ideas who to contact etc. and the PACs know what is going on within the Flagships and how the results could be utilised in policy work and regional development."

Sanni Turunen, PA Nutri Coordinator


"Managing Flagships effectively requires pro-active attitude: contacting Flagships directly and checking up other sources. Communicating regularly with Flagships is crucial for HA because Flagships support HA's work by specific expertise, test-beds and solutions. In addition, their outcomes are used for building HA policy. Flagships also represent HA = they are our advertisement and ambassadors!"

Elina Veidemane, Horizontal Action Spatial Planning Coordinator