When a new Flagship is approved, PACs and HACs are there to welcome it as part of the EUSBSR family. A good start for regular communications is a welcoming e-mail, a sort of a welcome package containing useful information on what it means to be a Flagship and what is expected from them - also communications-wise.

As communication is a requirement for Flagships, a note regarding communications and the support available for EUSBSR stakeholders is good to be included in the welcoming e-mail. This tool kit is at the disposal of Flagships as well, and you as PACs and HACs are in the best position to share the link to the toolkit with them.

Feel free to use the text below when contacting Flagships - or make sure that the same information reaches them otherwise!


Welcome new EUSBSR Flagship!

Congratulations on your project/process being labelled an EUSBSR Flagship! You’re now part of an exclusive club of ‘action orientated’ projects and processes, leading the way in creating change across the Baltic Sea region. You not only hold the torch within your Policy Area/Horizontal Action but are a main contributor towards the EUSBSR’s wider objectives.

With such a status, as a Flagship, you already have a dedicated communicator responsible for your project, and no doubt you have already begun spreading the word to your stakeholders and the wider BSR public. As you do so, make use of the EUSBSR communication tool kit available at the EUSBSR website! 

In the EUSBSR communication tool kit you can find relevant material for communicating your Flagship's work as part of the larger EUSBSR framework. For instance, the Flagship label as well as other logos and visuals are available in the tool kit. There are also videos, photos and infographics at your disposal! Furthermore, there is a section dedicated to Flagships outlining your role in the EUSBSR communications and some specific tips for you. In addition, storytelling and social media tips and tools are available in the tool kit.

The tool kit contents are based on a number of key EUSBSR documents as well as a communication survey conducted in early 2017 amongst the key EUSBSR stakeholders.

To gather an overview of ongoing and completed Flagships of the EUSBSR, click here.