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The main responsibility of coordinating the organisation of EUSBSR Annual Fora lies with the NC. The NC-group  provides a good platform for exchanging experiences but here are few tips from the Swedish NC.

10 DOs and DON'Ts in organising the EUSBSR Annual Forum

by Swedish NC, Sofia Wennerstrand based on the experiences from 2016 Forum

  1. Keep the programme light to leave time for networking.
  1. If arranging parallel seminars with an open call (‘Almedalen concept’), make sure to communicate the idea behind it.
  1. Ensure variety in seminars.
  1. Engage inspiring speakers.
  1. Plenaries should be inclusive, with political involvement on a high level.
  1. Have a networking lounge/meeting place in a central location of the venue.
  1. Plan the Forum in an inclusive way.
  1. Decisions must be made within the planning organisation.
  1. Regular and inclusive communication with participants.
  1. Don’t underestimate the time and effort needed.



According to NC-group's Rules of Procedure the Annual Fora will be organised

in Estonia, 2018

in Poland, 2019

in Denmark, 2020

in Lithuania 2021

in Finland, 2022

in Latvia, 2023

in Sweden, 2024

in Germany, 2025.