At the 9th EUSBSR Annual Forum, Interreg Baltic Sea Region invited participants of the Forum to join a seminar to discuss the future of Interreg funding and how to distribute the funds for 2021-2027 for the benefit of the EUSBSR.

For the past years, Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme has been the main financial source to implement activities of the EUSBSR, and it has both financed project and supported the governance structure of the Strategy. In the seminar, panellists agreed that the financial support for the governance and for the work of the PACs/HACs is needed also in the future.

During the discussion about the funding for projects and their future, the need for more flexibility in terms of time and size of projects was pointed out. All panellists agreed that maritime cross-border cooperation should continue.

The discussions about the future of the Interreg and EUSBSR will continue, as there is a strong will to develop the Strategy for the benefit of the Baltic Sea Region and its habitants.