IBSR Kickoff eventWhich smart ideas can receive EU funding to best shape the Baltic Sea region? Which innovative, water-smart and climate-neutral solutions can become a common practice? How to mobilise those who can advance the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region? Join the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Kick-off event on 28 September to learn the answers and get inspired by examples of such solutions.

Fresh funding for fresh project ideas

In the next seven years, Interreg Baltic Sea Region will offer more than 250 million euros of EU funding to those with smart ideas how to shape the region. “We will select the most valuable ideas of public and private players for funding. We believe that through cooperation across borders, we are continuously improving the life of citizens around the Baltic Sea. This is also how we contribute to a greener, smarter Europe; Europe that is closer to citizens,” said Deimantė Jankūnaitė from the Ministry of the Interior of Lithuania, Chair of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Joint Programming Committee.

Favourable environment for cooperation

Interreg Baltic Sea Region is a funding Programme that creates a good environment for cooperation to respond to demands from citizens and businesses in the region. It supports the transition towards greener and more resilient societies and economies. It also helps public authorities in their mission to serve citizens and triggers knowledge exchange. “Each funded project will bring new solutions to make our societies more innovative and to widely apply water-smart and climate-neutral practices. Our projects will work across borders, and their results will also cross borders for the benefit of citizens,” explains Ronald Lieske, Director of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat.

In more detail, resilient communities, economies and responsive public services will prepare the region for upcoming changes and challenges. Sustainable water management will help improve the environmental state of the Baltic Sea and inland waters, whereas blue economy will remain an inexhaustible spearhead for innovative business and sustainable growth. With envisioned climate-neutral societies, the Programme will continue supporting circular approaches, a transition to low-carbon energy systems and smart green mobility. All these topics are high on the agenda of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.  The Programme will also fund the coordination and communication work for the implementation of the EUSBSR action plan.

Call for the kick-off!

In a two-hour session held in the framework of this EUSBSR Annual Forum, you will get more insight into the new funding opportunities. You will gain more clarity on the topics, find out about upcoming events, calls for applications and support offered by the Programme. 

More information: https://interreg-baltic.eu/kick-off-event/